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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Overdue update from our guest book

Here is the latest update from our guest book. I apologize for any misstranscriptions. This is solely due to trying to read handwriting in various different languages.

You can also check out our guest reviews on Tripadvisor.com . If you have stayed with us we would love it if you could put an entry on Trip advisor. Thanks

We would like to thank all our guests for staying with us and hope to see many of you again.

Non siamo lontano da Torino ma a siamo sentiti subito in vacanza.
Flavia e Bas 1(Italy) 7 September 06

Grazie di tutto….Sicuramente non ci dimenticheremmo dei vostri squisiti biscotti al limone….e anche di voi ovvimente!
See You
Irene e Roberto (Italy) 24 September 06

Abbiamo trovato questo B &B su internet (bravo Kent)come ottimo punto d’incontro tra Geneve ( Geneva ) e Bologna. Una felicissime sorpresa! Abbiamo passato due belle giornate.
Donatella, Eric, Adrienne (Italy & Switzerland) 22 October 06

What a great place to stay! Great hospitality, great food, great time. It was also a relief to have someone else speaking English.
Thanks for the stay
Phil & Skeets. (Canadian students competing in the World Student Winter Games) 14 Jan 07

Hhmmm.What should be our claim to fame for this entry? Maybe the first sister/brother back to back stay at the Belvedere. (sister of Phil)
Thankyou for the lovely stay. The best B&B we have ever stayed at. Next time we will work on a Lego building session with George.
Take care
Christa & Thomas (Germany ) 21 Jan 07

We have had a lovely tim doing things and finding out so much about the area than we would have been able to do without your guiding. Really lovely walk up to the refuge (and lunch), herd of leaping deer, possibly an eagle. Then the rather more demanding rigours of cross country skiing and snow shoeing. Really beautiful views and sounds. Sometimes real silence! Home now for a rest! Thank you all.
Ellie & Paul (UK) 23 February 07

Ringraziandovi dell’ospitalità e cordialità ci proponiamo di ritornare presto con i nostri amici.
Luca, Carlo, Egidia (Italy) 24 February 07

Well we thought we loved Italy but now we feel like we know Italy! The hospitality was fantastic, the food was wonderful, the local knowledge of food, area, culture & history and economy was amazing. We came as guests but we feel we are leaving as friends. A totally unique experience and a wonderful idea for bringing people to really experience local life. We will be back and will be recommending you to friends.
Avril & Sean (Ireland) 27 February 07

Thank you both for your hospitality and welcome to your lovely home. We must really thank Jackie for recommending you to us! We have had some lovely walks in the area and the scenery just makes us stop in our tracks to try and take it all in!
We have enjoyed our chats with you both and definitely enjoyed Michelle’s baking.
We move on now but take away lovely memories and hope to stay again sometime.
Ralph & Margaret (UK) 28 April 07

Ci siamo trovati bene, buona ospitalità, camera confortevole. Un consiglio. Spegnere il campanile prima di addormentarsi!
Gagi e Sana (Italy) 28 April 07

Semplicità Ospitalità ed amicizia sono ingredienti essenziali del vostro B&B. Stare qui de alle vacanze un senso speciale ed unico di familiento con la speranza di rivedi ci presto! Vi auguriamo tutto il bene possible.
Cristiano, Monica e Sara. (Italy) 1 May 07

Siamo molto felici di essere passato a Chambons e avevi trovato in questo piccolo borgo. Contete delle vostra ospitalità e pulizia. Speriamo di vederci presto!
Roberto e Isa (Italy) 13 May 07

Your B&B was truly a pleasant discovery. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. This is what travelling is about.
Micheal (USA) 18 May 07

Excellent mountain biking (beware wen Kent tells you there is no uphill!) Food was super! Request the chocolate tart!
Tony & Donna (USA) 24 May 07

We have had a wonderful time; great walks, great food and most of all great company. Sad to be leaving so soon.
Dave & Chrissy (UK) 27 May 07

Il posto e magico per la suggestive visita del forte e per le splendide colazioni.
Bye bye.
Francesca e Paolo. (Italy) 04 June 07

Cette annee encore nous avons apprecie votre accueil si chaleureux et votre gentillesse. Votre maison est un excellent refuge pour les vacances.
Nous vous souhaitons beaucoup de tourists tout an long des mois.
Merci et bonne chance.
Odile e Romain ( France) 9 June o7

Monday, November 20, 2006

A most enjoyable weekend!

I had the most enjoyable weekend at the Belvedere B&B. My hosts Kent & Michelle guided me on a mountain walk that offered the most marvelous views and beautiful countryside. The restaurants in the area offered great food and wine at moderate prices.
I will return.

Ernie Eves

Friday, November 10, 2006

A very good experience for sure!

Harry from the USA said...

This Belvedere B&B is located in a most quaint village with very easy to reach trekking all around, all of which was done with excellent commentary from Kent and Michelle. Their historical knowledge of the mountains, valleys, forts, and villages made the hiking that much more enjoyable, not to mention the very nice dinners and conversations around the fire. A very good experience for sure.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Guest comments Jan -Sept 2006

Lovely company, great food, splendid location. Thanks for a fab weekend.

Liz & Donal


Jan 2006

Super walks, great food. Thankyou



Jan 2006

Have had a great time- your home is fabulous! Skiing and everything was lovely. Grazie mille



Jan 2006

Brilliant weekend, great skiing + ski guiding, lovely home & great atmosphere. Thanks for your fantastic hospitality. We will be back soon.

Davina & Neil


Jan 2006

Thanks for the hospitality!



Feb 2006

Thanks so much for your hospitality. 18 very memorable days at the 2006 Torino Olympics. 11 events and 8 days of skiing, mostly powder. Hope to see you in Tahoe some day.



Feb 2006

Thankyou for all of your entertainment on my trip to Italy, your help with the car and your friendship. p.s. Great coffee + great place.



Feb 2006

Absolute fantastic location, fabulous skiing, great food, friendly people and a perfect venue for the 2006 Olympics. We enjoyed every day! Thank you so much.

James & Sarah


Feb 2006

Thank you so much for a wonderful honeymoon. You are an inspiration to us and for our plans to move to Norway. Fantastic food, accommodation and location. We will definitely be recommending you to our friends. Looking forward to coming again!

Liz & Nick


March 2006

Beautiful place. Thank you very much for your warm hospitality. Compliments for the fantastic location. It seemed like a little honeymoon….. We wait for you in our “big city”(pop.5,000). Looking forward to coming soon again. (winter or summer). Ciaoooooo!

Cristiano & Anne.


April 2006

Il posto e davvero accogliente (molto bello sprattuttola salette delle colazione) le camere pulite e confortevole. Grazie

Marco e Alessandria


May 2006

La valle e bellissima, la fortezza e molto suggestiva e Chambons molto caratteristico! Il B&B a e piacuto molto. Speriamo di tornare per le settimane biance.

Francesca & Luca


June 2006

When it’s raining just go to the B&B Belvedere. Merci beaucoup, Dank Uwel.

Elise & Peter

Dutch campers

June 2006

Tres belle place.

Jacques & Louis

Quebec, Canada

July 2006

Accoglienza calda e familiare. Un posto come un fabella. Bello, bello, bello e tanto suggestivi.



July 2006

Very many thanks for your wonderful hospitality to 3 tired pilgrims ( Peter, Leo the horse and me!) as we clamber (Leo and me) and chug (Peter and Bessie the Bedford lorry) on our way to Rome.

Mefo Phillips (author of “Horseshoes and holy water”)


July 2006

L’ospitalita cordiale, delicato e belle come il posto. Torneremmo per l’inverno.

Alberto & Anna


July 2006

Posto splendido, accogliente ed ospitate. George, Michelle e Kent sono persone veremente squisite! Speriamo di poterci tornare presto e certamente consigleremo questo posto anche ai nostri anmici!. Grazie di tutto.

Matteo, Elisa, Simone e Stefano.


July 2006

Thank you for everything – Hospitality, great location, accommodation and food. George –thank you very much for your time spent with little Larissa. Even 14 month olds enjoy this place and you very much. We especially loved the welcoming tea. Srecno in nasvidenje!

Simon & Jozi & Larisa


July 2006

Thank you for a lovely stay. We enjoyed staying in your home and had a lovely walk in the meadows. All the best en groeten.

David & Sashia


August 2006

Bedankel voor jullie gastvrgheid in jullie mooie woning. Veel success in de toekomst en voor uns zeker een adres om te onthouden!!

We hope we got the spellings right on this one.

Gerben & Barbera


August 2006

Dank dem zweiten Beurgermeister hab ich den weg zu euch gefunden! Es war sehr shoen und interesant bei euch zu wohnen und von eurem leben zu erfahren! Viel Gluek fuer euch Drei, man seiht sich bestimmt noch einmal irgendwann u. irgendwo!




August 2006

Ottimo ospitalita inglese. Grazie. Tutto bravissimo!

Giuseppe & Anna


September 2006

Our guest list....An introduction

We decided to offer our guests the chance to make their views of their stay public. Rather than clutter up our website with comments we have built this blog page. To start it off we have copied a few of our guest comments from our visitors book. (we apologize in advance for any typos and language mistypes). After these initial entries our guests will be offered the opportunity to post their thoughts directly to the blog.

Happy reading and thank you to all of our guests.
Kent & Michelle.
Belvedere B&B Chambons Italy.